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Rowleys Garage Ltd provides for all your handling needs. From a simple bush replacement to a full race suspension system-we can supply and sit the correct set-up for you!


We can supply a range of leading brand makes and units, providing the best quality products for your pride and Joy.


Weither you want a set up for your track/race Subaru and a simple lowering kit for your road car, give RG a call to discuss your requirements...



SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes

SuperPro polyurethane bushes are engineered like no other. SuperPro bushes provide more responsive steering, better control, improved turn-in and better stability than the factory fitted rubber bushes. Please call us for individual requirements.


Long life

Low maintenance

Improved ride

Better cornering

Precise steering

Reduce vibration and harshness

No damage to adjoining components

Three year/60,000 warranty - even if used on track or competion!












We are proud to be able to offer Whiteline suspension components, we can supply anything from a simple anti lift kit , to a full handling or sports pack.

The advantage of the Whiteline components is that you can fit them in stages as and when your ready to upgrade, so you could start with an uprated antiroll bar and go all the way to a fully adjustable setup with, castor/camber adjustment, damping and antiroll bar adjustment for those who like to compete in motorsport or who take part regularly in trackdays.

Sharper handling means a faster car, you can have all the power in the world but if you can't transfer it to the road, you just as well drive a micra!!


Please contact us for more details and prices of this great product.









Premium suspension systems

BC Racing is the own brand range of coilover kits from a large manufacturer of suspension products.

The mainstay of the manufacturer is producing units for a wide range of companies including a number of premium brands within the coilover market. The release of the BC Racing own brand gives end users the benefit of the knowledge, manufacturing processes and economies of scale of a large suspension manufacturer but at the prices which are more associated with the lower quality units cluttering the market at the moment.















Tein suspension kits, are available for nearly all Impreza models, ranging from their basic coilver series for the road to the Super racing and Type HG dampers full circuit and rally use, the more comprehensive kits being able to utilize the EDFC (electronic damping force controller)  for ease of adjustment, please contact us for specific applications.














Whiteline Suspension Components

Tein Suspension Kits

BC Racing Suspension


Click image for Super Pro Bushes

Super Pro are a chosen manufacturer and suppler to the Subaru UK PRO-R programme and are therefore warranty safe as an upgrade to your new still in warranty Vehicle.

BC Racing coil overs images (1) bilstein_pss912

Bilstein Suspension kits

When it comes to driving enjoyment, the world´s most reowned automotive manufracturers place their confidence in just one name: BILSTEIN.


More than 45 Years Bilstein now is a well known Brand in Racing. The experiences made together with their customers in nearly every Mortorsport Series from Rallye up to Formula 1 Racing leads to continuously development of Bilstein products.

Today it allows us to offer a big range of innovative and high-quality motorsport dampers.

Bilstein  divide their  topical assortment into the following systems:

2-Way adjustable Damper MDS 2-Way

1-Way adjustable Damper MDS 1-Way

Non Adjustable Damper

Eibach Springs

The Will to Win!  is a good way of describing  Eibach's product philosophy.

The main aspect of Eibach Suspension Components is a noticeable improvement of the driving characteristics – the basis for being a winner – brought to you directly from motorsports.


The enhanced sporty look on your vehicle with Eibach's high-performance products is only of secondary importance.


This is where we stand out from other companies: we only lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity as far as it is technically practical. You will not find extreme tuning here:  Eibach, performance and handling – therefore the joy of driving – are the priorities.

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Spax Suspension

SPAX has been making suspension for the past 50 years and are one of the best known manufacturers in the world. Named after a Somerset village called Spaxton.

SPAX were the first company to produce on-car adjustable dampers and patented the idea.


SPAX are heavily involved with racing at all levels and supplied the land speed record car, Thrust 2. So successful was this project that Thrust SSC chose SPAX to break the land speed record at 771 M.P.H. (1.231 Km/H).


SPAX has recently been appointed the official and sole supplier to Cooper for the Mini Cooper Challenge race series.


EXE-TEC Suspension

You may think that extra power is the greatest gain in vehicle performance and lap time. However, you may be surprised to know that the most significant single gain comes from Suspension and tyre control. The best example of this is on the race track where approx 80% of the lap time is spent entering and exiting corners.


EXE-TC's knowledge and experience of the relationship between tyre, spring, ARB and damping allows us to develop the chassis kinematics, weight distribution and influence tyre frequency to generate mechanical grip.


Maximising mechanical grip together with improved chassis balance results in greater driver confidence.

Exe-TEC strut

Ohlins Suspension

Öhlins have been a major player on the motorsport scene for well over 30 years. Ohlins products – and successes – span almost every genre of automotive excellence on both 2 wheels and 4.


The Ohlins suspension is the best off the shelf suspension system for the Subaru WRX/STi that will be used for a combination of street, track and rally use. Everything is included in this well thought out system, as usual, Ohlins has proven again why they are considered one of the best suspension companies in the world.



Here you will find our selection of what we feel are the best after market wheels available for both road and motorsport alike.

Revolutuin wheels SUBARU-STI-238-GOLD-17 revolution18x8.0millenniumiigold-300x282 ULGTP-BLACK-web