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The Plasma Spark is the spark plug boot (socket) specially designed and developed to work as a secondary amplifier.

It creates strong sparks in a very short time (nano-seconds); creating a faster flame front and quicker light-off of the mixture kernel to complete combustion. After installing the Plasma Spark, you will feel immediate torque gain in the low RPM range, and more horsepower in the high RMP range.

Installation is also easy, direct bolt-in to the engine, no splicing or cutting into stock wiring. Simply replace the stock boots with our Plasma Spark Boots and ready to go!

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The Plasma Lift is a voltage amplifier which has been uniquely designed with manual voltage adjustment in mind. This special feature ensures more freedom to air/fuel ratio and plug gap adjustment, therefore offering a solution to misfire problems when increasing the boost on turbo charged version 1 & 2 Impreza's and Legacy's.

The Plasma LIFT is a coil enhancement for the early coil-over-plug ignition systems; it is connected at the power supply side of the ignition coil and increases spark voltage.

In addition to increasing secondary spark voltage, it is also responsible for increasing the spark current. This extremely important increase in secondary current creates a faster burn for high performance engines. In addition to increasing horsepower and torque, test vehicles have shown a moderate improvement in fuel mileage. The Plasma LIFT is engineered to increase spark effectiveness on modern cars and is 100% compatible with any late model OBD and engine control units.


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