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Subaru Impreza Rally car Jersey Weekly cover Car, JMC & LCC 2011 Rally Drivers Championship 1st Overall car. MSA log Booked Good straight car. DVS approved Well maintained. Ran the entire 2011 JMC&LCC Multi-surface rallies with No.1 on the Door Lots of Trophies to its name RHD Impreza GC8 with bolt in cage.


SIMTEK Management with Anti Lag and launch control; mapped for Jersey Fuel at RPE by Steve Simpson, with jacked Throttle. Haywood and Scott equal length Exhaust manifold, Re-packable exhaust.


Prodrive Grp N Gear box with electric centre diff, Hydraulic vertical handbrake wired to diff release.

AP 6Pot front brakes (tarmac spec) new turbo fitted end of last season.

Kaylan Mudflaps 18" wheels with p-zero inters (tarmac spec) 15" Wheels with Kumho gravel (Dirt Spec) Comes with Tarmac and dirt Spec.




This superb example of a vary competitive rally car is based in Jersey please contact Thomas on 07797719655 for any more details.

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